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About Us


The Centre of Excellence - Drone Technology is a joint initiative of Gautam Buddha University, Industry partner Omnipresent Robot Tech, and IASC SSC (Organization under the aegis of MSDE, Gov. of India).

It provides a platform where experts, professionals, and researchers in drone technology can share their expertise on design, innovations, utilization, research, and applications.

It is a battalion of drone learners, enthusiasts, designers, and pilots. The Centre is fully functional in the division of design & manufacturing, skill development, pilot training, App development, testing, research, and development activities.

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Our Story

The Centre of Excellence - Drone Technology  seeks to part of the Nation's dream of becoming a drone hub by 2030. Set up in early 2022, the Centre uses research, education, and viable measures to address challenges and advancement of flying Robots.

The centre initially segmented into for drone pilot and operations training, drone data processing and analysis and app development, drone designing and manufacturing, and drone testing and repair.

Just in few months of its inception the CEDT which is partnered with Omnipresent Robot Tech and IASC SSC, initiated the implementations in developing various kinds of drones to avail sky-space to be utilized for various government, industrial, civic and health bodies.



Prof. Ravindra Kumar Sinha

  • LinkedIn

Honorable Vice Chancellor, GBU

Expertise: Fiber Optics, Optical communication Systems and network,Nanophotonics, Photonic Crystal Fiber, Photonic Crystal Devices, Nano science and Technology


Dr. Rajesh Mishra

  • LinkedIn

Chairperson - CEDT

Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur), M. Tech. (IIT Kharagpur), B.E. (Electronics Engineering) Expertise: Networks, Signal Processing, Communication Systems, RAMS


Dr. O. V. Singh

  • LinkedIn

Member - CEDT

Ph.D. (Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi) Expertise: Power Systems, Renewable Energy Sources, Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Navaid Zafar Rizvi

  • LinkedIn

Coordinator & Convener - CEDT

Ph. D, MS (TU Darmstadt, Germany), MS ( HFU, Germany) Expertise: ML for ICs, VLSI Design, HF Electronics and Communication, Microsystems


Mr. Aakash Sinha

  • LinkedIn

Founder & CEO Omnipresent Robo Tech

Prof. of Practice Shiv Nadar University MS (Robotics) – Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Has rich drone-making experience with top robotics companies including Lockheed-Martin and iRobot Corp and Founder of Drone based Service Company.

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Mr. Souraj S R

  • LinkedIn

R & D Lead, Omnipresent Robo Tech

A Mechatronics Engineering Professional from Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India Expertise: Assemblies and hardware integration, PCB designing, piloting, RPA designing, and manufacturing of Drones. Successfully delivered the project for the development of India's longest 50km range drone. Leading prestigious Survey of India mapping projects in states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. These projects involve the application of drone technology for mapping lands, which achieves better resolutions. Responsible for designing and developing VTOL aircraft with 3hrs endurance.


Prof. Sanjay Kumar Sharma

  • LinkedIn


Expertise: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Research Methodology, Research & Publication Ethics


Dr. Manmohan Singh Shishodia

  • LinkedIn

Member- CEDT

Ph. D (IIT Delhi) Expertise: Plasmonics, Nanoplasmonics, Semiconductor Optoelectronics, Theoretical and Computational Physics


Dr. Navin Kumar

  • LinkedIn

Member - CEDT

PhD (JNU) Expertise: Animal Biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine, Immunology, HostPathogen Interaction, Human Physiology, Medical Lab Technology, Molecular Medicine


Dr. Vimlesh Kumar Ray

  • LinkedIn

Co-coordinator - CEDT

Ph. D (GBU) Expertise: Adhoc and sensor Network, Wireless Communications, UAV Communications, Control System


Ms. Jyoti Vashishtha

  • LinkedIn

CTO, Omnipresent Robo Tech

MS (University of California, US) MS (TU Munich, Germany) Expertise: Wireless communications, robots, and AI. Her accolades include the top 20 women in Comp Sc award from US NSF, Dept. of Science and Technology, and a Gold Medal Winner.

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Mr. Shravan Yadav

  • LinkedIn

Drone Expert, Omnipresent Robo Tech

An innovation-oriented robot and drone specialist. He has developed a Drone based fire extinguisher system. It is a specific application-based drone capable of extinguishing chemical and petroleum fires by releasing high-pressurized CO2 gas from a canister, with a controlling range of 2km.

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